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Leith Anderson, Erwin McManus, Hosted by Marshall Shelly The Calling: Being a Leader, Being a Servant 11/13/03
Joni Eareckson Tada, Stormie Omartian, Michelle McKinney Hammond, John Tesh Extraordinary Women 11/1/03
Chip Ingram Why God Uses Some People More Than Others10/28/03
Nicky Gumbel Principles and Practicalities of Alpha 10/24/03
Dr. Henry Cloud The Evolution of the Small Group Leader 10/16/03
Gordon MacDonald, Doug Murren, Matt Hannan, George Barna Ministry Mistakes 10/07/03
Max Lucado Next Door Savior 10/05/03
Bill Easum, Bob Roberts Beyond the Box 9/25/03
Louie Giglio,Bo Boshers The Little Leader 9/20/03
Philip Yancey An Evening With Philip Yancey 9/14/03
Dr. James Dobson Bringing Up Boys 9/9/03
Dick Towner Good Sense Stewardship 8/26/03
Dr. Henry Cloud Confrontation in the Small Group Setting 8/21/03
Mark Mittelberg Reaching People on the Secular Landscape 7/17/03
George Barna, Michael Slaughter, Larry Osborne Innovation and Risk-Taking in Leadership 6/19/03
Sue Miller, David Staal Children's Ministry Metamorphosis 6/7/03
Dr. Henry Cloud How to Build Connection in a Group 6/5/03
Don Simmons, Leroy Armstrong Building an Equipping Culture 5/20/03
Chuck Colson, David Neff Being the Body: A Challenge to the Church 5/18/03
Neil Cole, Brian McLaren, Ken Baugh, Dieter Zander Postmodern Ministry: Awakening to the New Reality 5/6/03
Hank Hanegraaff, Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg Why Believe the Resurrection? 4/13/03
Dr. Henry Clound and John Ortberg Spiritual Growth for Real People 4/5/03
Beachfest Youth Concert Outreach Event Youth concert and outreach in Ft. Lauderdale!  3/22/03
with Luis Palau and bands: Third Day and Toby Mac
Dann Spader Principles of Growing a Healthy Church - 3/18/03
Dr. Henry Cloud Series: Groups That Grow ... Your People and Your Church - 3/6/03
Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel Becoming a Contagious Christian - 3/1/03
Jim Burns Parenting Teens - 2/20/03
Harry Jackson, George Barna, Randy Pope, and Brad Smith Developing Leaders - 2/11/03
Valerie Bell, Lisa Harper, and Priscilla Evans-Shirer A New Year, New You 2003: The Spiritually Alive Woman - 2/1/03
Doug Fields, Bo Boshers The First Two Years of Youth Ministry - 1/18/03
John Ortberg, Henry Cloud, and George Barna The Character of Leaders - 1/14/03
Dr. Michael Newdow, Cliffe Knechtle, Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg The Great Debate: Atheism vs. Christianity
Howard Hendricks, H.B. London, Gene Getz, and George Barna Timeless Wisdom from Veteran Leaders -11/19/02
Joseph Garlington, Rick Muchow, and Doug Lawrence New Perspectives on Worship -11/14/02
Steve and Valerie Bell, Ginger Kolbaba Marriage and Ministry: Surviving and Thriving as a Kingdom Couple -11/08/02
Henry Cloud Boundaries -11/02/02
Hank Hannegraff, Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg Why Believe the Bible? -10/17/02
Focus on the Family renewing the heart's Women's Ministry Leadership Conference -10/12/02
George Barna Cultural Trends Affecting Leaders-10/1/02
Bo Boshers Becoming a Contagious Christian - for Youth  9/28/02
Henry Cloud Small Groups of Grace and Truth-9/19/02
Gene Getz,Bob Buford,Ken Blanchard Halftime: Moving From Success To Significance-9/10/02
John Trent Leadership: Building Your Dream Team-8/27/02
Mark Mittelberg Building a Highly Contagious Church-7/18/02
Bo Boshers Building Community Through Student Small Groups-6/11/02
H.B. London: How To Build a Hedge of Protection Around the Pastor's Family -6/5/02
The A-Men Project Part 3: Solving Life's Problems-6/1/02
Wayne Cordeiro: Teamwork in Church Leadership-5/16/02
The A-Men Project Part 2: Training Men in Your Church for Relational Intimacy-5/4/02
Dr. Henry Cloud : How People Grow in Small Groups: Part One-5/2/02
Marlene LeFever : Using Learning Styles To Reach Everyone You Teach-4/18/02
Ken Sande: Conflict Management in the Church-4/11/02
Bill McCartney and Wesley Tullis: The A-Men Project Part 1: Called To Be Warriors-4/6/02
Stewart Cheifet and Doug Lawrence: Technology-3/7/02
Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson: Leading Transformational Small Groups-2/21/02
Hosted by Valerie Bell: A New Year, A New You-2/2/02
Lon Allison, John Ortberg and Kevin Miller: Preaching That Connects-1/22/02
Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg: The Case For Christ -12/2/01
Norm Wright : Grief and Crisis Counseling -11/15/01
Sue Mallory: The Equipping Church -10/30/01
Secrets To Great Parenting (Special Event) - 10/13/01
George Barna: Churches That Change Lives Volume 2: FBC -9/11/01
Bruce Bugbee: Spiritual Gifts: Aligning Your Ministry To Your People -7/10/01
Jay Hostetler: Developing Effective Chlidren's Ministries For Today's Child -6/5/01
Ray Johnston: Thriving or Declining: Building Effective Contemporary Churches -5/10/01
Leonard Sweet: The ABC's of Postmodern Christianity-4/19/01
Dennis Kasper & Tim Elmore: Preventive Legal Maintenance and Mentoring-3/1/01
Stewart Cheifet & Michael Slaughter: How To Harness Technology To Benefit Your Church-2/8/01
Bill Donahue & Carl George: Small Groups-1/16/01
Doug Lawrence & Worship Experts: Building the New Paradigm of Christian Worship-12/5/00
Mark Mittelberg & Lee Strobel: How to Build a Contagious Church-11/14/00
John Maxwell: You Can Go Home Again-10/18/00
George Barna: The State of the Church 2000-10/5/00
Mike Yaconelli: Youth Pastors Forum-9/7/00
Henry Cloud: Overcoming Internal Obstacles of Leadership-7/27/00
Peter Wagner: New Apostolic Reformation-6/6/00
Peter Wagner: Prayer Shield-6/6/00
Charles Arn: Understanding and Reaching the New Senior Adult-5/9/00
Lee Strobel: Reaching the Unchurched-5/9/00
John Maxwell: Successful Stewardship-4/4/00
Greg Ogden & Bob Logan: Natural Church Development-3/9/00

Bo Boshers

Building Community Through Student Small Groups

Getting today's youth into church and keeping them there is a challenge that takes more than the same old youth groups. To form a genuine community, students need to connect with each other and with God. They need to feel secure, understood, and accepted. They need a group that ministers to them on multiple levels -- and they need a place where they have the opportunity to minister.

Bo Boshers, Willow Creek Association's Vice President for Student Ministries, will show you how to measure the success of your student small groups, and will give you a prescription for developing groups with healthy vital signs. You'll learn how to make your groups multi-functional:

Care Center - for crisis and long-term care
Party Center - for fun and fellowship
Fitness Center - for spiritual workouts
Discovery Center - for learning spiritual gifts
Launching Pad - for dreaming and learning about God's plan for their lives

Join us on June 11th and let Bo show you how to keep students coming back for more!

Tuesday, June 11, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Building Community Through Student Small Groups" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 29K
Rich Text File- 362K

H.B. London

How To Build a Hedge of Protection Around the Pastor's Family

H. B. London will bring his years of experience as a pastor's pastor to CCN on June 5, offering encouragement and help for the pastor and his family.
He'll help you learn to deal with the unique struggles and challenges that you face, including:

-- unrealistic expectations
-- marital stresses and strains
-- the toll on the children of pastors

He'll offer some insights that will free you for more effective ministry and a richer family life, including:

-- a commitment to honesty
-- a willingness to follow God's call as a family
-- an ability to bloom where you're planted

Let H.B. London minister to you and your spouse -- your own ministries, and your family, will be strengthened.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 on Channel 9621

"How To Build a Hedge of Protection Around the Pastor's Family" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 21K
Rich Text File- 337K

Bishop Joesph Garlington

Pastor Ted Haggard

The A-Men Project: Solving Life's Problems

Most of you have seen Bishop Garlington at PK events but few realize he pastors a powerful church in Pittsburg and is one of the wisest men you will ever hear from. Pastor Ted Haggard leads one of the most respected churches in America, 8,000 member New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Hes a best selling author as well as sought after teacher and speaker.These two outstanding speakers will present a special message for men who are
fathers or hope to be fathers!

For fathers, life is full of responsibilities, challenges, problems, successes, and failures. This seminar will focus on resolving the number one challenge of every father... what will his legacy be? Once a man decides what he wants his legacy to be, the problems and challenges of life take on a different perspective. Join us on June 1 for some old-fashion wisdom and new insights into the spiritual legacy you will pass on to your children.

Saturday, June 1, 2002 on Channel 9621

"The A-Men Project: Solving Life's Problems" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 25K
Rich Text File- 865K

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro

Teamwork in Church Leadership

Whether you pastor a large church or a small one, you face the challenge of working with your staff and lay leaders to provide cohesive leadership as a team. This requires developing a culture of effective teamwork within your church. The most important ingredient in building teams at your church is building healthy relationships.

On Thursday, May 16th, Wayne Cordeiro, Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in O'ahu, Hawaii will be sharing with our viewers the essential requirements for teamwork and the importance of relationships within the church, as a living, breathing organism. Besides sharing the foundational principles of teamwork, Pastor Wayne will also be providing practical applications, complete with detailed illustrations and a close look at key processes.

Thursday, May 16, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Teamwork in Church Leadership" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 22K
Rich Text File- 318K

Pastor Wesley Tullis

Dr. Doug Weiss

The A-Men Project: Training Men in Your Church for Relational Intimacy

Intimacy: Gods Formula for Great Sex!
In this session, Pastor Wes Tullis, Director of the World Prayer Center, will illustrate how a mans prayer life directly impacts not only his intimacy with God but his sexual intimacy with his wife. And then Dr. Doug Weiss will show men practical ways to improve sexual fulfillment with their wives and how to gain control over lust.

Saturday, May 2, 2002 on Channel 9621

"The A-Men Project: Training Men in Your Church for Relational Intimacy" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 31K

Dr. Henry Cloud, Clinical Psychologist

How People Grow in Small Groups: Part One

Small groups within the church serve as important venues for personal spiritual growth by providing support, healing, confrontation, correction, teaching, and modeling in a Christ-centered community. As its small group members grow and thrive, a church grows as well, making the small group model both a life-changing and church-changing force.

In this training session for small group leaders and facilitators, Dr. HENRY CLOUD will present the fundamental mechanics of building small groups that promote spiritual growth. He'll discuss the basic ingredients of growth, and outline what every successful small group must provide, no matter what type of group it is. He'll also offer guidance on things to avoid, help small group leaders with troubleshooting, and provide workable ideas that small group leaders can put into practice right away.

Many of the most successful churches in America have built their strength on the undergirding of small groups. This seminar will show why small groups are "where the rubber meets the road" spiritually and how churches can capitalize on them. Dr. Cloud's follow-up seminar on September 19 will build on these foundational principles to give pastors and leaders an ongoing game plan for small groups.

Thursday, May 2, 2002 on Channel 9621

"How People Grow in Small Groups: Part One" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 23K
Rich Text File- 302K

Marlene LeFever, Director of Church Relations for Cook Communications Ministries

Using Learning Styles to Reach Everyone you Teach

Each person has a unique approach to learning. When we are taught in ways that honor our preference, we learn faster, enjoy learning more and are more likely to put what we learn into practice. For too long, volunteer teachers and parents have assumed that all the best minds learn in similar ways. Mistake! And, when we make that mistake, we lessen the potential of our children, teens and even adults.

This session will encourage participants to identify their preferred style. More importantly, they will identify the learning styles that are least like their own. Students with these styles will most likely not thrive in their classes. This session will make teaching more difficult--perhaps! But it will also make our teaching much more effective. Practical! Fun! And easy to put into practice next Sunday! (And here's a little extra: Most of us marry our opposite and spend the rest of our lives trying to make that person think right! Knowing about learning styles is great for your marriage!

Thursday, April 18, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Using Learning Styles to Reach Everyone you Teach" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 46K

Ken Sande, Peacemaker Ministries

Conflict Management in the Church

Dealing with conflict is a challenge every church leader faces. We have a biblical blueprint to follow, but how is this played out in the varied situations that arise in church life? Ken Sande will address these issues and will equip you to be effective in managing conflict, and in developing a culture of peacemaking in your church. His session will include:

Peacemaking skills
--How to resolve personal conflicts
--Principles of confession, confrontation,forgiveness, and negotiation

Reconciliation skills
--How church leaders can intervene in members' conflicts through biblical conflict counseling and mediation.

Church discipline
--Theological basis for discipline
--How to avoid legal liability

Preparing your church for peacemaking
--How to teach biblical peacemaking to your congregation
--How a church can develop a reconciliation ministry to its entire congregation and, if desired, to it community

Thursday, April 11, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Conflict Management in the Church" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 58K

Coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers

Pastor Wesley Tullis, Pastor of Prayer, Newlife Church

The A-Men Project: Called To Be Warriors

Discipleship training especially for the men of your church!

Why focus on men? Pastor Jack Hayford says, "As the men go, so goes the church." THE A-MEN PROJECT will equip the men of your church to be the leaders that God intended them to be.

Using a comprehensive approach, the A-MEN PROJECT broadcast will feature two vital components: discipleship, and prayer and worship. Men will gather at churches across North America for a 90 minute live satellite broadcast to pray together, praise God together, and hear a message from inspirational speakers. Then, offline, men will gather for 30 minutes in small groups to wrestle with spiritual issues and to encourage one another.

For the remaining Saturdays of the month, men will have the opportunity to meet weekly for follow-up sessions using materials and worksheets provided by THE A-MEN PROJECT. These materials will help your men dig deeper and adopt basic standards and values that will help them become more effective disciples of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, April 6, 2002 on Channel 9621

"The A-Men Project: Called To Be Warriors" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 30K
RTF File- 867K

Stewart Cheifet, Host and Managing Editor, Computer Chronicles and NetCafe

Doug Lawrence, Minister of Worship. Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Technology: Expanding the Vision and Technology in Worship

This fast-paced seminar will bring you up to speed on the newest and latest innovations in technology for the church.

Stewart, Doug, and their expert guests will give you info and demonstrations on:

  • The benefits of databases in church management and how to use them effectively
  • Using PDAs in your ministry
  • Getting street-smart about using technology in worship
  • Enhancing worship through powerpoint, video roll-ins, and more
  • Utilizing your youth to take technology to a new level in your church
  • Using internet resources for the pastor, lay leaders, and congregation
  • And many other useful tools for aiding in your ministry

You'll also hear Stewart and Doug's Top Ten Picks for websites, resources, tools and toys

Thursday, March 7, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Technology" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 25K
Rich Text File- 243K

Bill Donahue, Willow Creek Association

Russ Robinson, Willow Creek Community Church

Leading Transformational Small Groups:
Walking the Small Group Tightrope

Small groups are a proven way to educate, discipline and support congregations of all sizes as they live into God's call to them. But small group leaders face the challenge of balancing seemingly contradictory needs.

Find out answers to these dilemmas, and others, from Bill Donahue of Willow Creek Association and Russ Robinson of Willow Creek Community Church. Russ and Bill will show pastors and lay leaders alike how to "walk the small group tightrope" and develop fruitful, functional, vital small groups.

With video segments from Willow Creek's recent Small Groups Conference, this seminar will help you:

- understand the challenges of the small group continuum
- develop a vision for your small groups
- achieve balance in your small group strategies

Thursday, February 21, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Small Groups" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 34K

Valerie Bell
Carole Lewis
Cheri Fuller
Carol Kent
Ed Silvoso

A New Year, A New You


Enjoy a time of fellowship, tenderness and laughter, as you learn from the speakers who understand a woman's heart.

You'll find practical answers to help you

  • Acheive balance in your life
  • Satisfy the longings of your heart
  • Nourish your soul daily
  • Understand God's heart for you
Saturday, February 2, 2002 on Channel 9621

"A New Year, A New You" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 69K

Lon Allison, Director, Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
Kevin Miller, Executive Editor of PreachingToday.com  
John Ortberg, Teaching Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church  

Preaching That Connects

IMPORTANT NOTE- Dr. Robert Smith was not able to be a part of this show due to illness. As a result we added a portion with Kevin Miller and Stanley Long that do not appear in the outline. Please note that Dr. Smith's portion of the outline did not appear in the broadcast.

Your sermon time is a key opportunity to let God speak through you to impact the souls of your people. In today's society, connecting with your congregation is a challenge every preacher must face. How can you make the truths of God's Word applicable to the realities of contemporary culture? How can you connect with today's hearers to feed, inspire, and equip them?

On Tuesday, January 22, a panel of expert practitioners will bring to CCN the answers they have developed in response to these questions. Lon Allison, John Ortberg, and Kevin Miller will train you and your preaching team to effectively connect with your contemporary hearers. Using video examples from outstanding preachers around the country, our experts will each offer proven principles and practical suggestions to help you maximize your effectiveness. In addition, in a special videotaped segment, Haddon Robinson will share his expertise in the area of bridging from the Bible to contemporary application.

Then, in a roundtable discussion moderated by Lon Allison, our presenters will share ideas and discuss what makes for successful preaching. During our live Q&A session, you'll have the opportunity to direct your questions to the speakers and to benefit from the questions asked by your peers around the country

Tuesday, January 22, 2002 on Channel 9621

"Preaching That Connects" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 33K
Rich Text File- 523K

Lee Strobel, Board Member, Willow Creek Association/Teaching Pastor, Saddleback Church
Mark Mittelberg, Executive Vice President, Willow Creek Association  

The Case For Christ

Mark your calendars! LEE STROBEL of Saddleback Church and MARK MITTELBERG of Willow Creek Association return live to CCN with a special Sunday evening program based on Lee's bestselling book THE CASE FOR CHRIST. In the first part of the program, Lee will retrace his journey from atheism to faith. The former Chicago Tribune legal editor will recount how, with a journalist's tenacity, he questioned Christian scholars and experts with tough, point-blank questions: How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual historical event? He'll share how his search brought him to this conclusion: Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God.

Then, with the help of satellite technology and telecommunications, Lee and Mark (author of BECOMING A CONTAGIOUS CHRISTIAN) will team up to field questions from viewers around the country. Therefore, your church will have a chance to fax, email, or call in questions to Lee and Mark. They'll give honest answers to seekers' tough and sensitive questions while equipping the faithful to "answer for the hope they have in them."

Sunday, December 2, 2001 on Channel 9621

"The Case For Christ" Seminar Outline:
PDF File- 18K
Rich Text File- 240K

H. Norman Wright, MFCC

Grief and Crisis Counseling: Ministering to the Hurting

The terrifying and heartbreaking events of September 11 have put our country into a state of profound vulnerability and grief. Church leaders felt the impact immediately, as people began arriving on church doorsteps even while the attacks were underway.

Every person in America has been affected by this unprecedented tragedy, and the threat continues. Do you understand the depth of trauma and crisis your people are experiencing? Are you equipped to debrief those shocked and hurt by the recent events, and to prepare people for any coming loss, crisis or trauma?

Norm will deal with these questions in his straightforward, sensitive manner, and will offer practical help for pastors and lay leaders. In the weeks since the tragedy, he has been travelling across the country conducting emergency training sessions and seminars; on November 15 he will bring his experience and wisdom to the CCN network.

Thursday, November 15, 2001, 8:30am-11:00am PT

"Grief and Crisis Counseling: Ministering to the Hurting" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-105K)

Download the completed outline in PDF (108K)

Sue Mallory, Executive Director of Leadership Training Network Top of Page

The Equipping Church

Are 20% of the people doing 80% of the ministry in your church? Then let Sue Mallory help you get all your church hands on deck! Her seminar, THE EQUIPPING CHURCH, will show you how to engage all your people in serving God through your church.

You'll learn:

  • The defining core values of the equipping church
  • The roles of the pastor in nurturing an equipping culture in the church
  • The role of the director of equipping ministries/member involvement

If you have any responsibility for inviting people into ministry or for their growth and care, you won't want to miss this workshop!

Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 8:30am - 11:00 am PT

"The Equipping Church" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-94K)

Secrets To Great Parenting Top of Page

Secrets To Great Parenting


Parents today need all the help they can get. Isn't your church the right place for them to find it? Host this CCN Special Event - the FIRST national parenting simulcast - and bring fellowship, encouragement, and practical parenting tools to the families in your community. Experts in family matters will cover newborn-to-teen issues and will share their secrets for raising godly kids and making families thrive. Couples and single parents will come away with principles and strategies that will make a difference.

Saturday, October 13, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. PT

"Secrets To Great Parenting" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-82K)

George Barna, Barna Research Group Top of Page

Churches That Change Lives Volume 2:
Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas

Church leaders, here's a seminar to come to for ideas and encouragement! George Barna of Barna Research Group returns to CCN on September 11, 2001, with another case study of a church that successfully reaches its community and teaches its people.

Joining George for this seminar will be Robert Lewis, Fellowship Bible Church's founding pastor and directional leader, and teaching pastor Bill Parkinson. Together they'll explore notable features of Fellowship Bible Church and its programs, including:

  • "Common Cause" small groups
  • Discipleship and the discipling process
  • Children's ministry

Find out what this dynamic church is doing in order to win and keep souls for Christ: techniques that work for Fellowship Bible Church may work well for yours, too!

Tuesday, September 11, 8:30am- 11:00am PT

"Churches That Change Lives: Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-35K)
(RTF File-137K)

Bruce Bugbee Top of Page

Spiritual Gifts: Aligning Your Ministry To Your People

Do you believe that each of the people in your church was brought there by God for a reason? Most of us would say yes and continue with business as usual. Bruce Bugbee wants to go further. He wants to help church leaders and people live that affirmation radically, because he wants you and the people you serve to experience the power that results when you lead the right people into the right places for the right reasons. Most of us figure a church leader's job is to find ministries the church should do and then seek people who can be made to fit those ministries. But that's backwards, according to Bugbee. What's more, it isn't even scriptural. This seminar will introduce the Network Ministries system and why it makes sense for any church. You'll learn about: - the difference between just using people and equipping your people to follow their gifts and their passion - a proven way to assess spiritual gifts, passion, and personal style in yourself and others - Leadership C.A.R.E. (Calling, Assimilating, Retaining, Exiting) and how it can help you be a more effective leader of a more effective church with less risk of burnout.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001, 9:00am-11:00am PT

"Spiritual Gifts: Aligning Your Ministry To Your People" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-39K)
(RTF File-62K)

Click Here For Powerpoint Slides and Resources From This Broadcast

Jay Hostetler Top of Page

Developing Effective Children's Ministries For Today's Child

The next generation of Christians is growing up in our midst. How can the ministries of a church foster faith, obedience, and passion for Christ in our youngsters? On Tuesday, June 5, Jay Hostetler will give children's ministry leaders some guidelines for building a successful children's program. Discussion points will include creative team-building, dreaming, and relationship building. Jay will let us in on the mysteries of "kid culture" and will give us some tips on how to impact kids where they live.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 8:30am-11:00pm PT

"Developing Effective Children's Ministries For Today's Child" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-16K)
(RTF File-63K)

Click Here For The Book List From This Broadcast

Ray Johnston, President of Developing Effective Leaders Top of Page

Thriving or Declining: Building Effective Contemporary Churches

Most of us realize that 87% of our churches are stagnant or declining. In the midst of this sobering statistic, Bayside church, which started with 6 people 5 years ago, now has 4,500 members. Why? Pastor Ray Johnston will share what he considers the 10 essentials to growing a thriving church in a declining church environment. Learn about one of the fastest growing churches in America and visit live with Pastor Ray Johnston on Thursday May 10th.

Thursday, May 10, 2001, 8:30am-11:00am PT

"Thriving or Declining: Building Effective Contemporary Churches" Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-25K)
(RTF File-105K)

Click Here For The PowerPoint Slides From This Broadcast

Leonard Sweet, Postmodern Christianity Top of Page

The ABC's of Postmodern Christianity

Have you taken time to consider the big picture lately? The fact is, our "world" is in the midst of rapid changes that affect everything we do, especially our church experience. Len Sweet says that most people over thirty think like "immigrants" in today's fast paced culture, while people under 30, who grew up with all the changes, are now the "natives".

On Thursday, April 19th, Leonard Sweet will do a special CCN presentation on how to "indiginize" the gospel for the natives in our postmodern culture. In other words, how can we effectively reach people under 30 with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ? During this live satellite seminar, Len will give you an overview of what postmodern thinking looks like, and you’ll learn some unique ways to present the gospel to postmodern minds. Get all your leaders to this one and be prepared to learn a "foreign language".

Thursday April 19, 2001, 8:30am-11:00am PT

The ABC's of Postmodern Christianity Seminar Outline:
(PDF File-41K)
(RTF File-299K)

Dennis Kasper, Attorney, Expert in Church Affairs Top of Page
Tim Elmore, Vice President of Leadership Development, EQUIP Foundation

Preventive Legal Maintenance

An ounce of prevention….. Has your church faced a legal or public relations nightmare recently? If not, chances are you will in the near future. Dennis Kasper is one of the leading legal authorities in America on church and parachurch ministries, and serves as general counsel for Campus Crusade for Christ. In this special session for church leaders and board members, Dennis will outline how to develop a management plan before your next crisis occurs.


"Go make disciples? Sorry, haven't got the time." That is the sad truth in our churches today. Yet in thriving churches, "life on life investment" is the substance of healthy relationships. Mentoring is intentionally investing yourself in another person for kingdom purposes. Few have mentored more people than former pastor Tim Elmore. Now Director of Leadership Development for John Maxwell's EQUIP, Tim will teach you how to establish a mentoring network at your church that fosters life on life investments" with incredible kingdom returns.

Thursday, March 1, 2001, 8:30-12:00pm PT Top of Page
"Preventive Legal Maintenance" & "Mentoring" Seminar Outlines:
(PDF File-114K)
(RTF File-1.42MB)
Stewart Cheifet, Computer Chronicles on PBS
Dr. Michael Slaughter, Ginghamsburg Church

How to Harness Current Technology to Benefit Your Church

Stewart Cheifet hosts a seminar to help you manage your church in the digital millenium. The seminar will examine software, hardware, and the Internet, and review how churches can utilize the new technology to facilitate church development.

Learn how your church can use religious software for training, teaching, Bible education, and management tasks. Discover which computer systems can help you run the day-to-day business of membership, newsletters, finances, and communications. Find out how to generate new revenue through your church web site, and how to benefit from church chat sites, message boards, and email. Learn how your church can become an Internet service provider for your members.

In addition, Stewart Cheifet will be joined by Senior Pastor Dr. Michael Slaughter from the Ginghamsburg Church speaking on his use of new media to impact lives in his church. Learn the do's and don'ts of a viable media strategy for your church in this important interview with Dr. Slaughter live via satellite.

Thursday, February 8, 2001, 8:30-11:30am PT Top of Page
Bill Donahue, Vice President of Small Group Ministries, Willow Creek Association
Carl George, Church Growth Expert

Small Groups

Research is very clear on the number one characteristic of growing churches: healthy small groups. Join renouned Small Group expert Carl George and the Vice President of Small Group Ministries, Bill Donahue, from the Willow Creek Association for a practical session on overcoming the obstacles to developing successful small groups in your church.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001, 8:30 - 11:30 am PT Top of Page
"Small Groups" Seminar Outline:
(pdf file, 25K)
(rich text file, 72K)

(Click here for the PowerPoint Presentation used with this event that includes the charts and lists given throughout the program)
Bishop Joseph Garlington, Senior Pastor, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
Sally Morgenthaler, Founder of "Worship Evangelism Concepts"
Dr. Robert Webber, Wheaton College Professor
Douglas Lawrence, Minister of Worship, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Building the New Paradigm of Christian Worship

This is a seminar designed to affirm what most of us agree worship is meant to be, and to raise challenging perspectives on what worship is becoming and needs to become in the new millenium. The experts will give their observations about trends in worship and offer practical ideas for building the new paradigm of Christian worship. When the so-called "worship wars" are a thing of the past, this is the information you're going to need to go on!

Tuesday, December 5, 2000, 9:00-11:30am PST Top of Page
"Building the New Paradigm of Christian Worship " Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 226K)
Mark Mittelberg, Executive Vice President, Willow Creek Association
Lee Strobel, Board Member, Willow Creek Association/Teaching Pastor, Saddleback Church

How to Build a Contagious Church

Are people in your church paralyzed when they hear the word evangelism? Willow Creek Director of Evangelism, Mark Mittelberg, and best selling author, Lee Strobel, have taught thousands of church leaders how to practice evangelism so naturally it becomes contagious. If you want to reach your community for Christ, here's a chance to learn how from two of the best. In this seminar, leaders will learn a 6 step process that has proven effective for reaching unsaved people at thousands of other churches. The bottom line is your church can reach the unsaved in your community and this seminar will give you the basics you need to do it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 8:30 - 11:00am PT Top of Page
"How to Build a Contagious Church" Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 78K)
John Maxwell, Injoy Ministries

You Can Go Home Again

The best leaders, according to John Maxwell, build and empower teams of leaders in their churches to carry out the vision that God has given them. It's a powerful model of "reproductive leadership" that leads to multiplication of your church's impact on lives and growth in the community. John Maxwell himself will tell you more about this proven, dynamic way to build your church and leadership skills.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000, 10:00am - 12:30pm PT Top of Page
"You Can Go Home Again" Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 67K)
George Barna, Barna Research Group

The State of the Church - 2000

Thursday, October 5, 2000, 10:00 am- 1:00 pm PT

Using the most recent survey data, George Barna will evaluate the state of the church. Identifying the positive and the negative, Barna will provide an objective "report card" of where the church is today, as well as sharing his own perceptions of where it is going.

In addition, Barna will also kick off his special series, "Churches That Change Lives." Get the inside scoop on churches that are really impacting their communities. This series brings you case studies of America's cutting edge churches. During each session you'll visit a church that has established a track record of converting unchurched people into disciples. George Barna will help distill the leadership principles demonstrated by the local leadership team, then you will interact with the pastor and key staff of that church with your questions and comments.

"The State of the Church - 2000" Seminar Outline:
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Youth Pastors Forum

Youth Specialties is the premier provider of resources to youth ministries around the country. In this CCN seminar Mike Yaconelli, co-founder of Youth Specialties, will facilitate a panel of successful youth pastors discussing what's working and what's not in youth ministry around the country. This live seminar represents a unique opportunity for your youth leaders to dialogue with others from around the country and share practical ministry solutions.

Mike Yaconelli, Youth Specialties


Thursday, September 7, 2000, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, PT Top of Page

"Youth Pastors Forum" Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 15K)


Dr. Henry Cloud

Overcoming Internal Obstacles of Leadership

Many predictable internal obstacles keep you and your team from reaching your full potential in ministry. This seminar, based on Dr. Cloud's work with hundreds of pastors, will help you identify and overcome these obstacles .

Thursday, July 27, 2000, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, PT Top of Page
"Overcoming Internal Obstacles of Leadership" Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 10K)
Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Wagner Leadership Institute

New Apostolic Reformation:
Apostles, A Springboard into the 21st Century

In this session, be prepared to think "outside the box" . New moves of God are always controversial. In this ground-breaking CCN Live Satellite Seminar Dr. C. Peter Wagner examines what he believes is the next major move of God around the world. Join us as Dr. Wagner explains how the New Apostolic Reformation is, to a significant extent, changing the shape of Protestant Christianity. In virtually every region of the world, these new apostolic churches constitute the fastest growing segment of Christianity.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000, 10:15 - 11:30am PT

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"New Apostolic Reformation" Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 76K)
Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Wagner Leadership Institute

Prayer Shield:
Intercession For Christian Leaders

This Session is an executive summary of Intercessory Prayer in your church. The Role of Intercessory prayer is still overlooked in most churches. Dr. Wagner will present his insights on the nature, purpose, and role of this strategic activity in a body of believers. If your church has struggled with Intercessory Prayer, this session is a must.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000, 8:30 - 10:00 am, PT Top of Page

"Prayer Shield" Seminar Outline:
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(rich text file, 34K)

Charles Arn, President, Church Growth, Inc.

Understanding and Reaching the New Senior Adult

Given the "age wave" that is sweeping the US, few church leaders are aware of the significant potential for focused outreach and ministry to older adults. The generation of new seniors is a far different cohort than previous senior adult generations. Yet many churches are trying to pour new wine into wineskins by doing "the same old things for the same old people." No wonder few churches are successfully reaching these fields that are white unto harvest. Our approach is not the traditional gerontological model of aging for older adult ministry. Rather, it is a new paradigm for a new millennium. I have taught a number of seminary classes and led workshops on the variety of issues related to effective ministry and outreach for today's new seniors.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 11:00 am- 12:00 pm PT Top of Page

"Understanding and Reaching the New Senior Adult" Seminar Outline:
(pdf file, 131K)
(rich text file, 39K)

Lee Strobel, Willow Creek Association

Reaching the Unchurched

Lee Strobel, a former atheist, helps church leaders reach the unchurched. Leaders will walk away motivated and inspired, with practical, ministry-proven ideas for involving their entire congregation in natural and effective communication of their faith.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 8:30 - 11:00 am PT Top of Page

"Reaching the Unchurched"
Seminar Outline:

(pdf file, 100K)
(rich text file, 8K)

John Maxwell, Injoy Ministries

Successful Stewardship

As a leader, you have a vision for the growth, health and vitality of your church. But how can you make your vision a reality when you don't have the funds to make it happen? This is where the Successful Stewardship Seminar comes in.

In one day you will learn:

  • Proven principles to increase regular giving by at least 15%
  • Insights that will help you prepare effective stewardship sermons
  • Practical tools in helping your laity apply valuable truths about givin
Tuesday, April 4, 2000, 11:00 am - 2:30 pm PT Top of Page
"Successful Stewardship"
Seminar Outline:

(pdf file, 1.38MB)

Bob Logan, CoachNet; Greg Ogden, Fuller Theological Seminary

Natural Church Development: The Eight Characteristics of Healthy Churches

with Bob Logan, CoachNet
& Greg Ogden, Fuller Theological Seminary

A healthy church is a growing church. NCD experts will show you how to release growth potential in your church by exploring the 8 proven characteristics of healthy churches. Future CCN seminars will integrate key elements from this program, giving you practical, tangible tools to implement positive change in all areas of the life of your church.

Thursday, March 9, 2000, 8:30 - 11:00 am PT

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"Natural Church Development"
Seminar Outline:

(pdf file, 15K)