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A New Year, A New You 2003:
The Spiritually Alive Woman

Saturday, February 1, 2003
9:00 am - 12:00 pm PT
Valerie Bell Lisa Harper Priscilla Evans-Shirer
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The spiritually alive woman has an intimate, vibrant relationship with the Lord. She has a positive influence and impact on the lives she touches, and she knows who she is in Christ. If the desire of your heart is to embody these qualities in your own life, join us on February 1 as women across North America learn the secrets and blessings of being truly alive spiritually! 

Valerie, Lisa, and Priscilla come from very different backgrounds, and bring many different life experiences to the table. But they share one central heart's cry: they yearn to know God and to have the life of Christ in them. Their messages of challenge, encouragement, and humor will help you start the new year on the right foot. 

Valerie will reveal how cultivating the Holy Spirit in your life will make you a "life-giver" rather than a "life-sucker." Lisa will explore what it means to give God the first -- and best -- of your attention and affection. And Priscilla will show you the only way to truly be changed -- through personal encounters with a Holy God.

Invite the women of your community to come together for this uplifting and entertaining event!

Who should attend this seminar:

  • Women's ministry leaders
  • All women - married, single, divorced


The Event SCHEDULE:  Word Doc (26k)


Hosting a satellite event is not as daunting as it may seem!  As always, CCN Customer Service Reps will be glad to help you if you have any questions. 

As Site Coordinator, you'll want to recruit a team of people to help with the details.  Here are the areas to be covered:

  • Publicity
  • Ticket sales
  • Refreshments
  • Technical
  • Program Guide, Feedback Form
  • Room setup/Cleanup
  • Child care (optional)

It's good to start promoting the event as early as possible, so people can put it on their calendars. You may sell tickets, or offer this as a free event.

If you decide to charge admission for this event, set a ticket price that will work for your church and your community. We suggest a basic ticket price of $10 - $15 per person. Download a sheet of tickets, personalize it for your church, and then duplicate it as needed. 

Consider the "Cost of Hospitality" when setting your ticket price. What will it cost your church to host the event, e.g., publicity, refreshments, child care, janitorial help, etc?

There will be 2 short breaks -- just enough time for a rest room visit and a quick snack. Soft drinks, juice, coffee, cookies, fruit, etc. would be ideal.

It's very important to have someone who will be responsible for testing your satellite equipment prior to the broadcast. We'll email you a testing schedule with detailed instructions.


At least one week before the event, a downloadable Program Guide will be available on our website. Please duplicate this for all of your attendees. The program guide will include a detailed schedule, information about each speaker, and pages for taking notes.

Also on our website will be a Site Coordinator Feedback Form for you to fill out after the event. Please download and print one copy for your use. The information you give us on the Feedback Form is very important to us! We use it to help us plan future events that will meet the needs of your church -- so please take the time to fill it out and fax it to us.

The room should be set up so that everyone can see and hear easily. It's better to have the room temperature a little too cool than a little too warm. 

CHILD CARE (Optional)
You may want to provide childcare for the mothers who attend the seminar. This could be a service project for your Youth Group!


We've provided basic promotional materials for you to get the word out in your church and your community about A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU 2003. These include:

You can download these, personalize them for your church, and duplicate them as needed:

Personalizing the Promotional Materials
The posters/flyers and postcards are in PDF format which cannot be modified on your computer. (We realize that this creates a challenge for our host sites, because the pieces do need to be personalized for your church, but it's the only way we can provide promotional materials with quality photos and graphics for you!)

There are a couple of simple ways to personalize these with your church's information:

  • Use the blank "Church info box" templates provided, and fill in your information. Cut it out (with scissors) and paste it onto one of the posters or postcards. Then you can duplicate as many copies as you need. 
  • Write in the info on one poster or postcard, then duplicate.
  • Print labels to cover the info box, and stick them on the posters or postcard.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Have your pastor announce A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU 2003 from the pulpit.
  • Hang posters in your church and in your community:
    • Christian bookstores
    • Schools.
    • Businesses (places where women shop!).
    • Other churches.
    • Stuff bulletins with inserts and put additional copies on your ticket table.
    • Contact other churches and get them on board!
    • Provide bulletin inserts, flyers, and postcards for other churches.
    • Ask your local Christian radio stations to announce the event - give them a few free tickets to give away!
    • Make announcements in Sunday School classes, Women's Bible Study classes, MOPS Groups.
    • Organize a phone campaign to call all the women in your church - Some of them may be interested in being Women's Ministry Leaders!
    • Put a write-up in your bulletin and newsletter.
    • Send an email to the women in your church.
    • Use the church website to promote the event.
    • Publicize the event at local Christian schools.
    • Announce the event on your church marquee.
    • Put flyers in the women's rest rooms at your church.
    • Hang a banner in your church.

We're here to help! 

Please give us a call if you have any questions - , or email .

Valerie Bell  
Valerie is a versatile and engaging communicator who travels widely as a conference speaker making frequent guest appearances on radio and television. She has authored six books including, Getting Out of Your Kids' Faces and Into Their Hearts and A Well-Tended Soul. Valerie and her husband Steve have co-authored two books, Made to Be Loved: Enjoying Spiritual Intimacy with God and Your Spouse and Faith-Shaped Kids: Helping Your Child Grow Spiritually.
Lisa Harper  
As former director of Women's Outreach at Focus on the Family, Lisa helped develop the Renewing the Heart ministry and conferences. Lisa is a popular speaker at women's retreats, conferences and other events around the country, and serves as director of Women's Ministries at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville. Lisa is the author of Every Woman's Hope and Relentless Love
Priscilla Evans-Shirer  

Priscilla is an accomplished singer, speaker, author and television host. She has been a featured guest at churches, universities and companies and is currently a speaker for the Zig Ziglar corporation. Priscilla serves as a live television correspondent for CBS in Dallas. She is the author of A Jewel in His Crown, and the forthcoming And We Are Changed, due out in July 2003.

Saturday, Feb.1, 2003
Pacific 9:00a - 12:00p
Mountain 10:00a - 1:00p
Central 11:00a - 2:00p
Eastern 12:00p - 3:00p

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(Please read instruction below on how to personalize these materials.)
Broadcast Materials
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Use these promotional pieces to invite women in your community!
Event Flyer
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Promotional Postcard PDF File
Bulletin Insert
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Tickets  PDF File
Church Info Box For Flyer
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