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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Building an Equipping Culture
Don Simmons
One by One Leadership
Brad Smith
International Center for Theological Urban Studies

Don Simmons

Brad Smith
What might your church look like if its members became vital, fully empowered partners in ministry? How can you help them discover and release their full potential? How would their roles change--and yours?

This seminar will explore how to create an environment and mindset in your church that turns ministry into a team effort where:
  • pastors and leaders enable church members to share in ministry
  • people's gifts, talents, and life callings are matched with areas of service
  • ministry opportunities are recognized and developed
  • the culture encourages the growth of a broad array of ministries
  • a well-designed system addresses needs of every kind, both individual and corporate
  • the pastor doesn't have to be all things to all people

Utilizing insights and principles developed by Leadership Training Network, this practical session will help you make the shift to a church culture that fosters equipping and team development.

Who should attend this seminar:

  • Senior pastors
  • Associate pastors
  • Lay leaders
  • Ministry leaders
  • Elders

Don Simmons is Director of City as Parish (CAP), a regional Leadership Equipping and Development program of One by One Leadership of Fresno, CA. Don has served as a management consultant with hundreds of churches, nonprofit agencies and denominational groups, specializing in assisting churches to "think externally." Don served as the director of the Center for Volunteerism and Community Service at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and was the founder of the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies program at Biola University. He has served as associate pastor and interim pastor at several Bay area churches. Don is a contributing author of the book The Equipping Church.

Brad Smith International Center for Theological Urban Studies. Brad Smith is the Interim Executive Director of the International Center for Theological Urban Studies (ICTHUS). Focusing on developing leaders in four continents, ICTHUS includes the Northwest Graduate School with 250 doctrinal students, the Ray Bakke Leadership Center with several on-going leadership networks emerging from consultations in 250 of the world's largest cities, and various urban leadership training projects in North America. Brad was formerly President and CEO of Leadership Network, a private operating foundation focusing on church health and innovation.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Pacific 8:30a -11:00a
Mountain 9:30a -12:00p 
Central 10:30a -1:00p
Eastern 11:30a -2:00p

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