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1) How many programs are included in my subscription?
At least 30 per year.

2) Do I have to pay an additional charge per program?
No, all regular CCN programming is included in the subscription price.

3) If I'm not a subscriber, can I receive CCN broadcasts on a pay-per-view basis?
Yes, individual broadcasts are available for as little as $195. Contact your CCN rep for details.

4) Can I videotape the programs?
Yes, you may make one videotape copy of each program for internal church use only.

5) If I forget to tape, can I purchase a copy of the tape?
Yes, past seminar tapes are available for purchase on CCN's website.

6) Can I receive CCN programming in my home?
No, CCN programming is considered Business Television, and we cannot broadcast into homes.

7) How can I get a copy of the Programming Schedule?
The programming schedule is posted online, and updated regularly. You should check our website at least once a month for additions. You'll also find a downloadable schedule that you can print for future reference.

8) Do you provide any written materials with the seminars?
Yes, we provide a downloadable seminar outline for guided note-taking. This is available on our website one week before each seminar.


1) Can I invite people from other churches to attend CCN seminars?
Yes, you may invite as many people as you like -- there is no additional charge.

2) Can I charge admission to recoup my costs?
Yes, you may charge admission. All admission revenues belong to your church.

3) Can I get promotional materials to advertise the seminars?
Yes, we provide downloadable posters, postcards, etc. on our website.


1) What kind of satellite equipment do I need to receive CCN broadcasts?
Dish Network satellite equipment is required. No other type of equipment is compatible.

2) What satellite does my dish have to be pointed at?
Echostar 3 - 61.5 degrees.

3) My church has Dish Network equipment and we get Sky Angel programming. Does 
this mean we can receive CCN programming?
Yes, after your equipment has been authorized for CCN programming.

4) Does CCN provide equipment and installation for churches that need it?
Yes, CCN provides equipment and installation at cost. Your sales rep can give you the details.

5) If I decide not to renew my subscription, do I have to return the equipment?
No, the equipment becomes the property of your church.

6) Can I purchase my own dish and install it myself?
Yes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation, and point the dish at 61.5 degrees.

7) What model should I buy?
We recommend a Dish Network model 301 receiver, with a 30 inch antenna. An 18 inch antenna will also work, but the larger antenna is recommended, particularly on the west coast, for the best signal.

8) How can I test my equipment to be sure I'll receive your programs?
When you subscribe, you'll receive instructions about testing your equipment. Also, before each broadcast, you'll receive emails with testing instructions and other pertinent information.

9) What's included in standard installation?
One model 301 receiver with 30" antenna, wall mount on masonry or wood frame construction, up to 120 feet of RG-6 non-plenum rated coaxial cable, penetration of no more than two walls, and connection to one television or monitor.